Mirabelle Kitchen is situated at 123 Dotzheimer Strasse, Wiesbaden.


We are easy to get to by car, bus or on foot from the city centre:


By car: 

There is no parking directly in front of the building but there are usually free parking spaces available just around the corner on Nixen Strasse. Turn off Dotzheimer into Nixen Strasse and you will see parking spaces on the left-hand side - these are free at all times. There are also spaces on the right-hand side but these must be paid for using the parking ticket pay-and-display machine. The cost is €0.50 for three hours and the machine will accept €1 or €0.50 cent pieces only.


Bus: Bus numbers from the city centre that go past us are numbers 4, 17, 23, 24, 27 and 45. Get off at the stop "Kleinfeldchen", we are just a little further along on the right. 


On foot: If you are coming from town you simply follow Dotzheimer Strasse straight on for around 15-20 minutes. Our building is on the right-hand side of the road and there are traffic lights in front of the building. You will also see a car dealers, kiosk and Penny markt on the opposite side of the road.


You will need to ring the bell marked Batten/Scholten/Senmotic which is to the right-hand side of the large side entrance (there may be a car parked in the space in front of the side entrance).

Walk through the side entrance - we are in the far right-hand corner  of the first courtyard you come to - you will see a Mirabelle Kitchen sign on the door!


Please note: there is no number on the front of the building so take a good look at the picture opposite so that you can recognize the building when you see it!