Q: Where is Mirabelle Kitchen?

A: Mirabelle Kitchen is situated in the beautiful city of Wiesbaden, at 123 Dotzheimer Strasse - please see how to find us for details of how to get here and where to park if coming by car.


Q: What level of English do I need for the classes?

A: For non-native English speakers, as long as you have a basic or lower-intermediate level you will be able to follow the class. Don't worry if your English is far from perfect, cooking classes are a great way to practise everyday language and have fun at the same time!


Q: What level of cooking skills do I need?

A: Our classes are for people with a little or a lot of cooking experience, it doesn't matter! Everyone will be practising new techniques together and learning something new.


Q: Do I need to bring anything with me?

A: No, just yourself! Aprons and all equipment are provided.


Q: Will I be able to take something home at the end of the class?

A: Yes. Whatever we are making, we will try to ensure that you can take something home at the end of the class - for example, 6 or 7 macarons, one or two pieces of cake, etc.  For date nights or seasonal cooking classes you will sit down and enjoy the meal you have prepared before you leave so you will not go home hungry!


Q: How will I pay for the class?

A: Once you have agreed on the details of the class or workshops you want to do and the price, you may be asked to make a deposit to secure the booking, which can be paid by PayPal or alternatively you can pay by direct bank transfer.  The balance can be paid in cash on the day of the class.



Q: Can you offer classes for children?

A: We don't currently offer children's classes but would be happy to arrange private classes for groups of 3-6 teenagers (aged 14 or over). Please contact us using the contact form or by telephone to discuss the options.