Internations Macaron Workshop


This class will take place at Mirabelle Kitchen on Saturday 6th February 2 - 5 pm. 


This is an exclusive trial class for Internations members. The first four participants to sign up can come along for a free 3-hour macarons workshop! After the workshop I would just ask for your feedback via e-mail regarding what you enjoyed about the class and any suggestions you might have!


Not to be confused with the humble "coconut macaroon", the elegant French macaron has become extremely popular in recent years and rightly so - the wonderful contrast of the crisp, yet chewy outer shell and soft, ganache-filled centre is difficult to surpass, especially when served with a good strong French coffee!


In this fun three-hour workshop you will learn all the techniques involved in baking your own beautiful macarons - preparing an Italian meringue, piping the macaron halves, making the ganache filling and assembling the finished product. Participants will be able to go home with the fruits of their labour at the end of the course. You will learn all the techniques necessary for making macarons and will then be able to try your own flavours and combinations at home.


Skills covered include:

- making an Italian (stabilised) meringue mixture

- "macronage" - working the macaron mixture to achieve the correct consistency

- making a chocolate ganache

- piping macarons

- piping the ganache filling & assembling the finished macarons


Mirabelle Kitchen welcomes both native and non-native speakers of English who wish to practise their English in a supportive environment. We encourage a warm, friendly atmosphere of culinary learning and cultural exchange! 


Please note, places are limited to four participants.


Macarons are naturally gluten-free (but do contain almonds and/or hazelnuts).



IN Macarons Workshop

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